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    About us

    DMV was created 18 years ago as an answer to a market in transformation, which searched for a qualified, highly professional product with multiple aggregated values.

    With the globalization, the physical distances were surpassed by the technolgy applied to communication and theQuem Somos pharmaceutical industry and companies related expanded throughout the world. This made the idiomatic barrier become critical for the performance of any action, for example, multicentered clinical studies, products import and export, etc. In this point, the need for technical translations specialized in the health area is born. Thus, we perceived that just knowing a language was not enough to translate a subject so serious like that: We understood the need for professionals of the area working with consistency and responsibility on the translations, who became an important part of the processes involving the pharmaceutical industry. From this need and perception, we created DMV with the goal of meeting the demands of this market and offering a service done by professionals to professionals!GCP

    In this context, closey bound to pharmaceutical and medical market, ruled by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and GCP (Good Clinical Practices), we perceived that we had to establish strict work rules, which we call GTP (Good Translation Practices)! The GTP reflect DMV’s “modus operandi”, as they are based on, for example, the delivery of very high-quality works and absolute professionalism and commitment with the deadlines. In order to establish our GTP and always aiming at being in compliance with them, we created our internal SOPs which rule our conducts. The GTP vital objective is to improve the partnership with our client in a daily basis, meeting their needs for quality and fulfillment of goals.

    Nowadays, DMV has offices in Argentina and Brazil. Therefore, we work with native professionals of the health area (physicians, pharmacists and sworn translators), who understand what they translate, granting their translationQualidade 1 of English – Spanish – Portuguese precision and quality in relation to the technical terms, grammar and text style. This is one of our great differentials! Besides, we use a customized glossary for your company, in accordance with your preferences, in all translations.

    Before delivery, all the works performed by DMV undergo a strict Quality Control carried out by revisers team, which are also composed of physicians, pharmacists and professionals graduated in languages with specialization in translation, assuring the high quality of the translated material. Thus, we avoid exhausting corrections by the clients which bring waste of time and resources!

    For our long time being on the market, we know the procedures involving the translation process, for example, the confidentiality agreements and deadlines required. We always work along with you in order to fulfill all your needs and cut-off dates determined by the Regulatory Authorities of each country.

    ParceriaDMV is your best partner. Count on us to get the best conditions in the market, time limits suitable to your needs and, of course, the best quality of translation!


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