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    DMV is a company of specialized translations which was created by pharmacists in order to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical/medical market.

    As we basically translate for the health care area and we know that mistranslations of terms can directly impact on the welfare of patients who undergo clinical studies or use a package insert with wrong information, we do our job with great responsibility and integrity. For this reason we are the only company on the market which has a responsible pharmacist as Technical Director, which means that our translations are supported by a Legal CRF, conferred by the Regional Council of Pharmacy.

    For 18 years we have been offering a highly professional service, mainly committed with the quality of the translations, with proper technical vocabulary, besides the special care with grammar and structure of the translated texts. The reason is simple, however, a great differential: Our team consists of health professionals and specialized technical translators, who comprehensively understand what they translate, generating texts with high technical precision and textual smoothness.

    If your company wastes time and money with the rework caused by translations with no quality and professionalism, contact us: We do all the work for you!